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Goghi is intimately connected to our family history; it is a young and fascinating project that has captured, with its appearance and its blend, the hearts of many people.

Here the Sangiovese finds a perfect harmony with the Alicante and the Colorino, grapes with great colour and structure, and the Merlot, which gives softness and roundness.

With its blend of grapes and its captivating label, winner of the Sélection of Paris in 2013, Goghi aims to bring a quality consumption to a young and modern public.

In the Birbanera wine Sangiovese meets Canaiolo, creating a harmonious balance of flavours and aromas.


The Birbanera Vineyard

In the area of the vineyard where the clay reaches the surface of the soil, a very particular Canaiolo “dal raspo rosso” (with red stem) has been planted. This vineyard comes from “mass selection,” a process in which the plants that provide grapes of best quality are chosen and reproduced. The branches obtained from pruning, called marze, are cut into small pieces and grafted onto the rootstock of the plant, where they reproduce their plant of origin.

The characteristic features of the Canaiolo soften the austerity of the Sangiovese, conferring roundness, volume and spicy aromas to this wine.

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Amantis Sangiovese is one of the most sincere and elegant expressions of a great Sangiovese wine.


The Amantis Vineyard

The Amantis vineyard is the engine of this project. The clay soil mixed with limestone is ideal for the expression of this variety; the temperate and sunny exposure favours a balanced ripening of the grapes.


The Montegiovi Vineyard

Located on top of the ridge, this vineyard overlooks the incredible panorama of Monte Giovi. The constant ventilation maintains a perfect health for this vineyard with a high planting density of 8,000 vines per hectare.

The great character of Amantis Sangiovese is enhanced by the combination of the qualities of the Amantis and the Montegiovi Vineyards.


The Brunello di Montalcino DOCG is a small production started in 2010, which was a historic vintage for Montalcino

The wine captures all of our experience and passion for the Sangiovese grape, which for many years we have studied and learned to understand in its different flavors.

This wine is produced from meticulously selected grapes using the most modern enological techniques, while also paying attention to the traditional winemaking approach.

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The Iperione is a Super Tuscan, made entirely from Cabernet Franc grapes.

This wine comes to life only in vintages of excellent quality, where the grapes reach a full and complete ripening.


The Iperione Vineyard

This is the vineyard that boasts the highest plant-density: 20,000 stocks per hectare, at an average distance of 0.70 x 0.70 meters. The vines, planted with bush vine training system, are worked entirely by hand and, due to the very strong competition between each other, produce small clusters of grapes that are extremely concentrated.
In Greek mythology, Iperione is an epithet for the sun, hence the particular star-shape design of the vineyard; successively, Iperione also became a titan, father of the Dawn, the Sun and the Moon. An elegant and powerful wine that embodies the sweetness of Dawn, the strength of the Sun at midday and the cold light of the Moon.